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Welcome to Melody of Logic, home of the Tsu! Here you will find small graphics such as icons and banners for your personal use. You will also find artwork that the Tsu drew personally (fanart, original art, etc.). In addition, you will also find some interactive pages for your own pleasure and entertainment. I hope everyone enjoys their stay! Feel free to explore as you please. Just be sure to follow the rules while you're at it in order to avoid any sort of conflict. :) Have a nice day!

(3-31-15) Art Excitement

I just have a blog post for this month. So... this year is the year of the goat and my mom has warned me about not being discouraged about any bad luck that may happen. According to her, if the zodiac animal of the year happens to be your animal year, then that means bad things will happen to you during that year. I find it odd to believe. We would think to be excited about celebrating our zodiac animal, especially for those who celebrate the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year), right?

So far I can't say that this year's been unlucky so far. In fact, exciting things have happened recently! For instance, I became friends with one of my favorite YouTubers of all time! She goes by the name LemiaCrescent. I absolutely admire her art and her use of color. I never thought I would get the chance to befriend her, yet alone talk to her. We had a Skype call for the first time during the weekend and it was the best 3 hours of my life. We're very similar with our love and addiction for art. This all happened because I commissioned her. Instead of just worrying about the business aspects of the commission, she took the time to ask questions relating to my personal life. It was really sweet of her. Even though it was my first time talking to her, I felt as if I had known her for a long time.

Also, another favorite YouTuber of mine, majictablitskittles, asked if I would like to do a collaboration with him! I couldn't believe it! I woke up from a nap, checked my DeviantART messages, only to find a note from him asking for a collaboration. I made fanart of his OC's before, but that's about it. Apart from that, we rarely talk to each other, but we do follow each other on DeviantART in appreciation of each other's artwork. Both of these events with LemiaCrescent and majictablitskittles felt too good to be true! 8'D But these moments made me so happy that words alone cannot describe the joy I feel. I can't wait to see what else is in store in terms of art!

This year seems to be a great start so far. I don't believe too much in bad luck. Or... rather... I should say that I don't want to always use "bad luck" as a crutch for anything unfortunate that may happen. Sometimes things may turn out as a result of it being my own fault. I don't know. 8'D Perhaps my mind is too centered around logic and reasoning.

(2-26-15) Back for the most part!

Hi! Long time no see! I'm finally back in the world of websites. Many thanks to Mochi for hosting me and for being patient as I move as slow as a turtle just to settle things into the site. I'm not completely done yet... but I'll continue to add things as I go. I still need to re-install CuteNews and the icon sorts scripts as well as re-uploading all of my icons. I'll keep everyone updated on that. For now, feel free to comment using the tagboard on the side.

It's taken me long to get the site together due to pharmacy school. Every week literally feels like finals week. My friends, my roommate, and I are completely drained. Currently we are halfway done with spring break. Winter quarter was not very friendly with us, but luckily spring quarter will be a bit nicer... hopefully.

On to the site itself, I'm really proud of this layout! I think this one is the best one I was able to design yet given my limited noobish skills. :'D It features Oz and Jack Vessalius from my all time favorite manga, Pandora Hearts! Now then... time to notify people about the different site. ( T u T );;; *FLEES*