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The Creator

Name: Tsu/Tsukasa

Ethnicity: Vietnamese/American, part Chinese

Hobbies/Interests: anime, manga, drawing, animation, graphic designing, chocolate, plushies, DDR, nendoroids, art books, Rilakkuma, Hamster Popo, collecting and experimenting with new art supplies

Personality: random, sarcastic, frank, weird, introverted (=7= Don't underestimate me~ I'm always alert and watching~ *stare*)

Favorite Color: BLUE!! *U*

Favorite Musical Artists/Composers: Sound Horizon, Linked Horizon, Kalafina, FictionJunction, Yuki Kajiura, Asamack, Cleanero, PointFive(.5), Kanon Wakeshima, kanon x kanon, Choucho

Favorite Anime/Manga: Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night 2014 - Unlimited Blade Works, Shinsekai yori, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Kuroko no Basket, Little Busters, Kanon 2006, Angel Beats, Clannad, Durarara, Gosick, Aldnoah.Zero, Free!


Hello~! You can call me Tsu. I am currently a full-time pharmacy student and a part-time art/anime nerd and speedy ninja.

I am a traditional artist who started out doing just monochrome drawings initially. In November 2013, I expanded my horizons and delved into coloring. As a result, I tried many different art supplies and fell in love with color altogether. The primary mediums I work with are: mechanical pencils, Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils, and Copic markers. I have no intention of converting to digital art in the near future. I prefer traditional art seeing how I enjoy being interactive and hands-on with different art supplies. In addition, drawing from a computer and tablet strains my eyes.

I am also a self-declared otaku and I love collecting anime merchandise in addition to watching anime and reading manga. :'D ... Why are my hobbies so expensive? A list of some of my favorite series is listed above. I don't fall towards any one particular genre. It really depends on the story execution and the characters.

I'm not the most athletic person in the world but I do manage to get by with exercising by playing Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)! I am currently a Standard/Heavy player and I aspire to one day become a full-fledged heavy player. You've got to love how crazy fast those expert players move their feet! WOOHOO!

Over time, as you continue conversing with me, you will find that I am weird and random overall. It is hard for me to be... "normal." :'D I don't think I will ever survive a day being completely professional. I need my random perks.